It just happened

One out of two [50%] pregnancies is unplanned.

This could be for so many different reasons. Culture, religion, lack of awareness about contraception, lack of access to family planning services, forgetting contraceptive, thought it won’t happen, it cant happen [safe period method]

PLAN YOUR PREGNANCY: Use contraception Be Ready

How much time should I give myself?

  • Folic acid should be started atleast 4 weeks before the pregnancy
  • Rubella vaccination has to be given atleast 4 weeks before the pregnancy
  • Thyroid dosage adjustment may take 6-12 weeks
  • Correcting anemia may take 3-6 months
  • Weight reduction/ nutritional corrections may take 3-6 months
  • Diabetes management may take 3-6 months
  • Safe bet is to start planning 6 months before the time you would like to get pregnant
  • If your health report card is great, you may need just a couple of months to get ready

Be healthy, for yourself and for your baby.

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